About Us

About Us


To be the preferred reliable security services provider for the private and public sector organizations/ institutions in Zimbabwe.


To provide customers and other stakeholders with professional security services, professionally trained security guards, alarms and electronics, rapid reaction, CCTV installations and cash in transit services that enhance shareholder value and customer satisfaction through the following core values:

  • Quality service delivery
  • Employees involvement and ownership
  • Professional business conduct
  • Confidentiality
  • Reliability
  • Honesty
  • Lawful and legal compliance
  • Competence of personnel
  • Dependability
  • Ethical and moral practices
Quality Policy Statement

Squad Security’s policy enhances to aim and achieve to provide reliable security services to private and public sector organization/ institutions in the following sectors:

  • General Security Services
  • Professionally Trained Security Guards
  • Alarms and electronics
  • Rapid reaction services
  • CCTV installations
  • Cash in Transit Services
It is our quality policy to
  • Provide reliable and dependable security services for customer satisfaction through execution of quality services.
  • Ensure compliance with relevant statutory and regulatory requirements applicable to the security industry.
  • Ensure competence of Squad Security personnel through continuous training and measurement and implementation of Quality Objectives.
  • Continually review and update Squad Security Quality Policy and Objectives in line with business need, customer requirements and changes for relevance and effectiveness.
  • To communicate to stakeholders as applicable
  • Continuously communicate the Quality Policy within the organisation and implemented.
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